This was another little engine I managed to pick up quite cheaply.  The Yamaha 2.5hp 4 stroke outboard motor.  At the time of purchase I had a rather large inflatable boat, the Excel 535, and was looking for an auxiliary or backup engine for this craft.  Looking back I can see that 2.5hp is nowhere near powerful enough to push a boat of that size very fast, if at all.  Fortunately I never had to use it and for various reasons, I didn’t keep the boat but decided to keep the engine.

I’ve had the engine out a few times over the last couple of years, mostly just to check it still runs OK and to check it can push my various boats.  I’ll keep it as an auxiliary engine for when I go out to the 3 mile wrecks just in case my main outboard fails.  I certainly wouldn’t travel that far out without a backup engine.

Here’s a few videos of the motor in action.

This video is from when I first got the engine.  Testing it in a bin of water.

This is the Yamaha 2.5 outboard pushing a Seapro 340 inflatable boat with one person on board.  Total weight of set up (including engine and my bodyweight) approx 150KG.  

The following videos are from a visit to St Abbs.  We tested the engine on a Honwave T38 inflatable boat just for fun.  It wasn’t particularly fast but would be better than nothing in an emergency situation.  It performed much better than I was expecting considering the weight of the setup.




Conclusion:  A great, light little engine.  Great for freshwater use and may be OK for sea use as an auxiliary engine on a lighter boat (small inflatable type) but I think it’s primary market is for use on a tender to get to a larger boat in a harbour or marina.

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