The Profisha 475 Fishing Kayak by Stealth Kayaks

This is the Profisha 475 fishing kayak by Stealth Kayaks.  Back in 2013 I’d entered the Runswick Bay kayak fishing competition and couldn’t help noticing certain kayaks travelling much faster than the rest.  On closer inspection I could see the Stealth Kayaks branding along the side of the kayaks.  Soon after, quite a few of my local kayaking friends had started buying these fibreglass models from Stealth Kayaks to replace their current plastic kayaks.  After a bit of research I decided to take the plunge and order one.  I was impressed by the weight, or lack or it 24KG, together with the vast, easily accessible, central fish hatch.

I ordered the orange-yellow-orange with white underside and orange trim.  These are built to order from South Africa so I had to wait for the next shipment which was a few months away.  So with the deposit paid it was just a waiting game.  The pics and video below are from when it finally arrived.

Stealth Kayaks - Profisha 475 Fishing Kayak side view

Stealth Kayaks - Profisha 475 Fishing Kayak best pic


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