Stealth Kayaks – Profisha 475 Fishing Kayak

The Profisha 475 Fishing Kayak by Stealth Kayaks

This is the Profisha 475 fishing kayak by Stealth Kayaks.  Back in 2013 I’d entered the Runswick Bay kayak fishing competition and couldn’t help noticing certain kayaks travelling much faster than the rest.  On closer inspection I could see the Stealth Kayaks branding along the side of the kayaks.  Soon after, quite a few of my local kayaking friends had started buying these fibreglass models from Stealth Kayaks to replace their current plastic kayaks.  After a bit of research I decided to take the plunge and order one.  I was impressed by the weight, or lack or it 24KG, together with the vast, easily accessible, central fish hatch.

I ordered the orange-yellow-orange with white underside and orange trim.  These are built to order from South Africa so I had to wait for the next shipment which was a few months away.  So with the deposit paid it was just a waiting game.  The pics and video below are from when it finally arrived.

Stealth Kayaks - Profisha 475 Fishing Kayak side view

Stealth Kayaks - Profisha 475 Fishing Kayak best pic

I went to Skinningrove, UK for my first outing as it’s quite sheltered in the bay and ideal for testing a kayak like this, especially as I’d never tried a kayak this thin.  My other kayaks were of the big wide plastic types.

Testing went OK.  It did feel very tippy to begin with and I had to concentrate to stay upright.  A bit different to my other larger plastic types where stability or lack of it doesn’t even enter my mind.  After about 10 minutes I was feeling more confident so I headed further out.  I was starting to love this kayak.  The apparent speed I could achieve was really what impressed me.  I didn’t have any means to measure the speed with me but it felt a lot faster than anything else I’d ever used.  In fact watching the above video again at around 2 minutes in it looks like the video is being played back at double speed in places but it isn’t, honestly.

OK, a nice looking kayak but what about the fishing I hear you say.  Well check out the following pics and videos.  I didn’t have the kayak for long but I did manage to get a few fishing sessions in.  The first day out on it was at Skinningrove, UK.  I arrived about 8am and after a short paddle around the bay to get used to the kayak I headed further out.  I ended up around a mile out where I caught plenty of Codling to 5lb.

The following video is from a short session at Redcar, South Gare.   I caught a PB bass at around 5lbs. The bass was caught on a Savage Gear Manic Prey plug just off the Coatham end of Redcar. This was only the second time out in my new Stealth Pro Fisha 475 fishing kayak so still getting used to it and the first time I’d targeted bass (I normally fish for Cod and Pollock).

Then another session at Redcar, UK.

Check out the Stealth Kayak website:

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