Skinningrove Boat Fishing – What a Place

It was my Dad’s birthday so I promised to take him out in the boat.  In fact he’d lived in Skinningrove for over 40 years but only been out in a boat once before in about 1983 I think.  Anyway I picked him up at first light and we arrived at the Skinningrove boat park about 04:30 am.  It took the best part of an hour to set up the boat and get it to the waters edge.  That’s the main problem with these inflatable boat set ups, the assembly.  Not an issue if you trailer the boat but in my case I have assemble them on every outing.  Fortunately the Seapro airdeck 340, the boat of choice today, is a bit easier to assemble having an airdeck floor.  No messing about with floor panels etc, just inflate and go.  We were soon heading out to the fishing grounds.

We stopped about 400m out in around 10m of water to try for some Mackerel.  Normally I’d pick up plenty from that area if the Makkie were in,  they weren’t today so we headed out further to try for some Cod.  Not long before my father was in to a fish.  The rod was doubled over and it looked like a good fish.  I’d given my dad a telescopic travel spinning rod that was clearly not designed for this type of fishing as you can see from the pics.

Skinningrove Boat Fishing Trip

Up came his first fish of the day, a Codling of about 4lbs.  Not bad at all.

Skinningrove Boat Fishing Trip

Skinningrove Boat Fishing Trip

Then he caught a flattie, then a Pouting, then another Codling.  All the while I’m trying to setup my own rod, in the end I gave up and decided to just help him fish.  Actually it was more enjoyable watching someone else catch.  I did all the unhooking and line setups etc whilst he caught the fish.  I gave him a decent rod in the end whilst I took to the camera.


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