Skinningrove Boat Fishing Session

We’d been trying to get to Skinningrove all year for a boat fishing trip but the weather always seemed to let us down during my time off.  On this occasion the forecast, checked the previous evening, was promising so we packed up the van ready for an early Friday morning get away.  The weather forecast was for a cloudy day with sunny spells  but more importantly the wind was less than 10mph and the wave height was forecast to be less than one foot.  

 Everything went as planned and we were at the Skinningrove boat park for about 5am.  It was still dark when we arrived and no one else was around apart one camper van.  We parked up and began the boat assembly.  As my boat trolley was damaged from a previous trip I had to transport the deflated boat the the water’s edge on a sack barrow before unrolling and inflating.  I actually had to make a few trips with the sack barrow to carry all the kit to the boat.  It seemed a good idea at the time but I won’t be doing that again.  Too much work and too time consuming.  After an hour or so we were ready to head out.  The boat we had with us was my Honda Honwave T40 and the outboard motor was my new Suzuki DF6A 6HP.  I wanted to see how the 6HP outboard would perform on a 4m boat with 2 passengers and all our kit.  I also had with me my Yamaha 2.5HP auxiliary outboard which I don’t normally bring but wanted to test as well.  If this went well I would then consider taking the Yamaha 2.5 with me on longer trips as a backup engine.

 Skinningrove Boat Fishing Session

We headed out about a mile or so and set up our rods.  We both started with Savage gear sandeels as these normally work well in these waters.  I had a 100g multicoloured sandeel whilst my wife has a smaller 50g pink sandeel.  We worked the water as we drifted but we weren’t getting many takes.  After moving a few times we decided to change tactics and bring out the Cod Daylights and pirks.  The water wasn’t looking particularly clear so more visible lures would hopefully attract the fish.

This tactic worked as I now starting to catch on the pirk.  I was using a 300g bar pirk with orange muppet over the treble then a set of Cod Daylights above that.  Now we were catching.  They weren’t big but they were definitely welcome.  We were catching Mackerel, Whiting and small Codling then suddenly my rod doubled over and I was into a feisty little Pollock of about 3-4lb.  Yes they can certainly fight these Pollock.


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