A Sea Fishing Session at Redcar

After checking the forecast the previous evening, the conditions looked right for a sea fishing session out in the boat off Redcar, UK.  The boat of choice today was the Honda Honwave T38 and Yamaha 9.9hp 4 stroke outboard motor.  We arrived around 6am and set out at around 7am heading towards Redcar South Gare to try for Bass.

On the way out we came across a pod of porpoises so stopped to take a few picks.  It’s not the first time we’d seen them but the first time we’d been so close to them as they normally get spooked and disappear before we have chance to get the camera out. We got a few nice pics and a short video before they were gone.

Sea Fishing Session at Redcar - Bass Fishing

Sea Fishing Session at Redcar - Redcar wind farm

Corus Redcar

Sea fishing at Redcar South Gare produced one Bass after about 30 minutes, weighing in at 3.5 lbs. It fell to a Savage Gear Manic Prey plug, the same plug that did the honours last time.  It was caught fairly close in an area I’d caught Bass from before.  Unfortunately that was the only Bass caught so after another hour or so we headed further out to try for Cod and Ling.  We tried all the usual areas, moving every 15 minutes or so to different spots.




And now for the video.

After a quick break on the beach for lunch we headed back out to try for a few more.  We only managed a few smaller Codling, a small Pollock and a few Mackerel. By midday the wind started to pick up so we headed back in.  All in all, it was an eventful day and good to get back out on the water again.

The first time sea fishing in the Honda Honwave T38: https://stufishing.com/day-honda-honwave-t38-ie-inflatable-boat/

Check out the Honda Marine website: https://marine.honda.com/

2 thoughts on “A Sea Fishing Session at Redcar – Bass Fishing

  • August 21, 2017 at 3:07 pm

    Hi Stu, just bought a Honwave, to do a bit of fishing, do you anchor up or just drift with the tide when your fishing at Redcar or Whitby, thanks mick

    • August 29, 2017 at 6:44 pm

      Hi Michael, I prefer to drift when using lures or daylights etc to cover more ground. I only anchor up when bait fishing.

      Regards Stuart


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