I’d always wanted to fish Saltburn in the boat but launching and parking is quite limited there, especially during busy times and more so in the summer months.  With that in mind I decided to launch from Skinningrove and head the couple of miles or so north to Saltburn.  It only took around 10 minutes before I was at Saltburn, a couple of hundred metres off the pier end.  I wish I’d brought a camera to take some shots of the pier from the sea as most pictures I see everywhere are taken from land looking out to sea.

My boat of choice today was the Honda Honwave T38 airdeck coupled with my Johnson 6hp 2 stroke.  This combo is quick to set up, reasonably light and perfect for one or two people plus kit.  You can see from the video later how it performed.

Anyway, back to the fishing.  I started off with Cod daylights with bar pirk on the end, the Daylights seem to catch most species and the pirk does well for Cod usually.  For the meantime I was just happy to catch anything.  I could always target particular species later once I knew what was about.

It wasn’t long before the rod was bent over with a fish on the end.  My first ever fish from a boat at Saltburn, what would it be?  Nice double figure Cod?

No not this time, just a smaller Codling of a couple of pounds in weight.




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