Savage Gear Sandeel Lures – Impressive

I first came across Savage Gear lures and tackle a couple of years back.  I was particularly interested in the soft rubber type lures and chose to try out the Savage Gear Sandeels.  These come in a number of different sizes, colours, tail types and are designed, as the name suggests, to mimic sandeels.  I was keen to give these a try so I purchased a few, I think the initial purchase consisted of just the 45g white and silver models.

The first time out using these was at Redcar, UK.  My local hunting grounds.  I already had a kayak fishing expedition arranged for that day anyway so along with my usual tackle I had the Savage Gear Sandeels.  I set off at first light and headed out to about a mile off Redcar, just level with the rear of the wind farm. 


Savage Gear Sandeel Lures

I decided to go straight for the Savage Gear Sandeels and first drop I was into a fish.   It must have weighed about 5lb.   Then second drop and into another fish of similar size.

In fact I had my GoPro recording so check out the following video of the Savage Gear Sandeels in action.  

I was astounded at the number of fish these were lures were catching.  It was non stop action throughout the morning and I must have caught at least 20 or more Codling.  Most of which were a pretty decent size and were putting up a good fight on my light tackle set up.  I tend to use lighter tackle nowadays as I prefer a good fight as opposed to just reeling them in.  I currently use a Savage Gear MPP spinning rod with a light fixed spool reel and 20 or 30lb braid depending on the area being fished.

Then came a small Pollock.

Then more Codling.

Savage Gear Sandeel Lures Another Cod

The fishing continued like this for over two hours.  Every couple of minutes another fish on.

These were fast becoming my favourite lures

Here is another video from another outing.  Here I use only Savage Gear lures and check out how well they perform.  

In this next video I use the super small 10cm 10g sandeels.  Here I am trying them out for Mackerel fishing.  Check out the movement on these lures as I jig the lure up and down.  OK so maybe a string of Mackerel feathers would have produced more but this way of fishing is so much more fun.  Just waiting for that Makkie take, the suspense, I love it.  

 SavageGear Lures:

For more info on my current kayak set up:

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