Savage Gear Sandeel Lures – Impressive

I first came across Savage Gear lures and tackle a couple of years back.  I was particularly interested in the soft rubber type lures and chose to try out the Savage Gear Sandeels.  These come in a number of different sizes, colours, tail types and are designed, as the name suggests, to mimic sandeels.  I was keen to give these a try so I purchased a few, I think the initial purchase consisted of just the 45g white and silver models.

The first time out using these was at Redcar, UK.  My local hunting grounds.  I already had a kayak fishing expedition arranged for that day anyway so along with my usual tackle I had the Savage Gear Sandeels.  I set off at first light and headed out to about a mile off Redcar, just level with the rear of the wind farm. 

Savage Gear Sandeel Lures

I decided to go straight for the Savage Gear Sandeels and first drop I was into a fish.   It must have weighed about 5lb.   Then second drop and into another fish of similar size.


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