Running in the Yamaha 9.9 HP 4 Stroke Outboard

It’s 5:30 am and we are currently heading off to Redcar to test out my new Yamaha 9.9 4 stroke outboard motor.  We’d packed most of the kit the night before to allow for a quick getaway at first light.  The main reason for this excursion is to continue the running in period on open water and to see how well it performs on one of my inflatable boats.  We will start off the second hour of the running in process and if all goes well maybe try for a few fish on the way back.  The plan is to head off from Redcar and head down towards Saltburn then maybe onto Skinningrove if the weather remains with us.  I’ve been trying to get out now for over a month to test this but the weather had let me down time and time again with the best weather falling on my work days and hardly ever on my rest days.  Typical.

We’ve had to leave the Honda Honwave T38 inflatable boat at home due to a problem with the launch wheels.  This was the boat we’d bought the outboard for originally so for now we’ll be using the Seapro 340 airdeck inflatable boat instead.

Redcar beach

A nice calm day.  That’s what we like to see.  As we park up on the launch slipway we can see other people having the same idea and taking advantage of the break in the weather.  We can see couple of kayaking friends heading out for the day for a spot of fishing.

Setting up the Seapro and Yamaha 9.9

Assembling the inflatable boat is quite an easy process with the rechargeable pump.  This gets the boat inflated in about 10 minutes or less and with the launch wheels on it can be wheeled to the waters edge.


Yamaha 9.9 and Seapro 340 at Redcar UK


Yamaha 9.9 outboard motor side view

With the boat assembled and the Yamaha 9.9 motor attached it was time for a few more pics.

Yamaha 9.9 outboard motor side view rear

Yamaha 9.9 outboard motor rear view

Yamaha 9.9 outboard motor best view

Yamaha 9.9 outboard motor wide view

After a quick run out to about a quarter mile and back on my own it was time to pick up my partner then begin the 2nd hour of the running period.  The second hour run in involves running the Yamaha 9.9 engine at varying speeds but avoiding full throttle.  The video below shows the two of us heading towards Saltburn-by-the-Sea with the engine running at about half throttle.


Yamaha 9.9 outboard motor nose up

With the weight of the Yamaha 9.9 outboard together with my 95KG body weight you can see the front of the boat rising up then accelerating.  This was compensated for later with a passenger in the front to keep the nose down.  The air deck boats lack of weight can be a blessing but also a hindrance during solo outings.

Yamaha 9.9 outboard motor on the water

The both of us taking turns at the helm.

Yamaha 9.9 outboard motor jan driving


After the second hour of the running in period was over, for the next 8 hours we could run it at any speed but avoid using full throttle for more than 5 minutes at a time.

Yamaha Outboards:

When we unboxed the Yamaha 9.9 outboard motor:…aha-9-9-4-stroke/

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