Ocean Kayak Prowler Ultra 4.3 Fishing Kayak

After a few years in the Ocean Kayak Prowler Elite 4.5 fishing kayak, I was on the lookout for something with a bit more storage.  The Ocean Kayak Prowler Elite 4.5 is a great kayak but lacks the easy access storage of some of the newer models.  After doing the usual research online I’d decided on a Ocean Kayak Prowler Ultra 4.7.  The main selling point for me was the storage console in the mid section of the kayak.  It was easy to access and also provided protection for the fish finder during launch as the hatch cover was on a hinge and could be flipped over to protect the finder from water spray.

The next challenge was to source one.  Many of the online suppliers were out of stock and the ones that did have them were unable to deliver them as their couriers apparently would not take any item over 4m in length.  Yes, strange I know.  My local kayak shop wanted £70 just to have one delivered to their shop.  They were already charging me over £1400 for the kayak and wanted extra to cover delivery.  Surely it’s their cost or the suppliers cost to get the items to the store.  I don’t mind paying delivery to my house but not to their store.  So they lost that sale and I continued looking elsewhere.

Ocean Kayak Prowler Ultra 4.3 Fishing Kayak on beach

As luck would have it one of my kayaking friends was selling up and had an Ocean Kayak Prowler Ultra 4.3.  Not quite the Ocean Kayak Prowler Ultra 4.7 I was wanting but the next best thing.  By this time no stores anywhere in country had any Ultra’s to I did a deal and became the proud owner of an Ocean Kayak Prowler Ultra 4.3.  

I could see by the condition underneath that the kayak had hardly been used.  It was the XT model so had the rudder kit fitted, the seat had also been upgraded, there was an anchor trolley fitted, a compass and a colour GPS fish finder.  It also came with a set of newer model C-Tug wheels, storage box and a fibreglass paddle.  

The following video is from the first time out on it.

This next video is of the same outing but a longer version and has a kayak walk around at the beginning.

The seating was comfortable and it took a while to get used to the rudder foot pedals but after 10 minutes or so I was cruising along happily.  This was my first time using a rudder and I could not believe the improvement in control and speed it was giving.  No more corrective strokes to straighten up the Kayak, the rudder was taking care of that which meant I was able to gain faster speeds.  The GPS was clocking me at 4.5 to 5.5mph without too much of an effort.  I’m not sure if that was against the tide or with it but it was still a respectable speed.  It didn’t feel quite as fast as the Ocean Kayak Elite 4.5 but I expected that due to it being slightly wider and a few KG heavier. But less corrective strokes meant I was covering the same distance quicker than in the Elite 4.5.  I did however notice something quite annoying when going into a head on wind with a bit of a choppy sea on.  Any spray seemed to hit me directly in the face unlike the Elite 4.5 which seemed to send the spray out to the sides of the kayak.  Not a major issue and I wonder if the Ocean Kayak Ultra 4.7 has the same issue.  Possibly not due to it’s extra length, especially at the front of the user.


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