One of my kayaking friends was selling his Ocean Kayak Malibu 2XL fishing kayak so after not much consideration I bought it off him.  The plan was to take out other friends or family members who didn’t have a fishing kayak but wanted to try kayak fishing.  I’d been looking at this model for quite a while, the Malibu 2XL was large and apparently very stable in the water, similar to the Ocean Kayak Big Game in size and weight but able to carry 2 or 3 people.  

Ocean Kayak Malibu 2XL Fishing Kayak Redcar beach


The specs are as follows:

  • LENGTH: 13′ 4″ | 4.1 m
  • WIDTH: 34″ | 86.4 cm
  • WEIGHT: 68 lbs | 30.8 kg
  • BOW SEAT WIDTH: 24″ | 61.0 cm
  • STERN SEAT WIDTH: 24″ | 61.0 cm
  • CENTRE SEAT WIDTH: 18.5″ | 47.0 cm
  • BOW LEG LENGTH: 46″ | 116.8 cm
  • STERN LEG LENGTH: 44″ | 111.8 cm
  • CENTRE LEG LENGTH: 49″ | 124.5 cm
  • MAX CAPACITY: 450-500 lbs | 204.1-226.8 kg

The pics and video below are from the Malibu 2XL’s maiden voyage in May 2017.




It comes with 2 seats as standard but you can buy a third seat and position it in the centre, the fixing points are already there for that.  If you like you can install just one seat in the centre and use it solo, how clever is that?  The one I purchased had a few extras installed including an extra hatch, 2 rod holders, one for each angler and an anchor trolley.  

We found the Ocean Kayak Malibu 2XL to be a very stable kayak and we had fun paddling around off the coast of Redcar, UK.  We even managed to catch a few fish as well as the following video shows.

I still prefer single kayaks to a double but this kayak certainly deserves it’s place in my garage.  My wife would not have gone out on a kayak if it hadn’t of been a 2 seater.  She doesn’t have the kayaking experience to use a single kayak effectively so this allowed her to get a bit of a taster session on the water and build up her confidence.  Hopefully she’ll progress to single kayak soon.

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