Mercury 9.9HP 2 stroke Outboard Motor

The Mercury 9.9hp 2 stroke outboard motor.  This was my very first outboard motor which I bought off Ebay which came in a package with Humber inflatable boat.  I call this the one that got away as I sold it soon after when I upgraded to a different boat.  It was only later I realised what a great outboard it was.  I wish I’d kept it as it was lightweight and much more powerful than my current 9.9 Yamaha 4 stroke.  The only downside to it was having to mix oil in with the petrol as with most 2 strokes but it was a small price to pay.  Here are some pics of the engine and also a couple of videos of the engine in action.  It was able to plane a Honda Honwave T40 inflatable boat with 2 passengers and all our fishing kit.

Mercury 9.9HP 2 stroke Outboard Motor

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