Kayak Fishing at St Abbs – What a Place

We’d been planning a kayak fishing session at St Abbs for a while now.  Others we knew had been there a few times and we’d seen the pics and catch reports.  St Abbs is a small fishing village in the Scottish borders popular with divers as there are a number or wrecks close in and the water clarity is normally crystal clear.  It’s also very picturesque and popular with tourists in the summer, as you can see from the pics below, it’s a beautiful place.

I picked up my kayaking buddy and we hit the road about 5am expecting the journey to take a couple of hours.  The journey itself would be a simple one, straight up the A1, past Newcastle, up towards Anwick, past Bamburgh, then Berwick-upon-Tweed,  then we exit the A1 and follow the signs to Eyemouth then St Abbs.  We got there just as the sun was rising to find that another two of our kayak fishing friends had already beat us in getting there and were just about to head out.

Kayak Fishing at St Abbs Harbour

There is a boat launch ramp in the harbour that costs £7 to launch a kayak and £15 to launch a larger boat.  The parking also costs £6 for the day but I’m told there is cheaper parking at the back for £5 per day.  There is also a toilet block with shower that comes in handy after a days fishing.  The cafe is also a nice addition and handy for grabbing a coffee afterwards.

Kayak Fishing at St Abbs the slipway

After 30 minutes or so preparing we were ready to head out.  I set the Gopro camera to record and we set off.  

Kayak Fishing at St Abbs setting off

Kayak Fishing at St Abbs nice rock formation

We headed out of the harbour and followed the coast in a northerly direction until we got to a steep cliff full of bird life.  This was a known area for Pollock and large Coalfish.  We joined the other two kayak fishing friend and proceeded to troll and jig lures back and forth working the whole area.  I tried my usual Cod Daylights set up and was into Coalfish straight away.  Only small fish but at least I was catching.  The other guys were also catching a few, mostly Coalfish.  


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