Kayak Fishing Once More – Back to St Abbs

After a good kayak fishing session there earlier in the year it was time for another visit to St Abbs.  It was a last minute decision and too late to invite anyone else so I was here on my own.  I set off from Teesside at about 5am and arrived at St Abbs around 7am.  It wasn’t the warmest of mornings due to it being mid October but the conditions seemed right for a venture out, besides, I’d checked to weather and wave height forecast before travelling up to ensure it would not be a wasted journey.  As I arrived the sun was just rising so I took a few pics before getting kitted up.

St Abbs Kayak Fishing the Harbour a Dawn

St Abbs Kayak Fishing the Slipway

St Abbs Kayak Fishing Low Tide

I headed straight to the cliff face a few hundred metres north of the harbour.  This was our usual area for picking up plenty of Coalfish and Pollack.

St Abbs Kayak Fishing Setting Off


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