Johnson Outboard Motor 6hp 2 Stroke

This is another outboard motor I picked up a few years ago as part of a package, the Johnson 6HP outboard motor.  It came with an Avon Typhoon 3m inflatable boat.  To date I’ve not used the boat but the engine I’ve used many times.  This Johnson outboard is quite easy to manage as it weighs less than 30 KG and it is powerful enough to push all the boats I’ve currently tested it on.  The following video shows the Johnson outboard on my Seapro 340 on a days fishing at Sandsend, UK.  It takes time to get on the plane but when it does it’s actually quite scary.

Here’s another video of the Johnson outboard on the Seapro inflatable taken at Skinningrove in calmer seas.

And also on my Honda Honwave T38 airdeck inflatable boat off the coast of Redcar, UK.  I’ve not tried the Johnson outboard on my Honwave T40 yet but hopefully will soon.

The only problem for me, and the reason for moving to a 4 stroke engine, is having to mix the oil with the fuel at the required mix ratio of 100:1.  Not a major problem but can be messy sometimes.  Fuel economy is also not as good as a 4 stroke.  I can use half as much fuel in my Yamaha 9.9 4 stroke as used in the Johnson outboard doing the same sort of distances but the Johnson outboard is about 15KG lighter so easier to handle from the car to the boat.

The following video is from when I first bought the Johnson outboard and wanted to test it in a bin of water before taking it out on the seas.

Having not used it at all this year it was time to bring it out and give it a test.


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