My Humber Inflatable Boat – My First SIB

Humber 13.5FT Inflatable Boat

After spending 6 months or so researching the popular inflatable boat options I managed to get a good deal on a Humber 13.5 inflatable boat and 9.9 Mercury outboard on Ebay.  This was my first venture into boat fishing after spending a year or so kayak fishing.  The kayak fishing was great but I was on the lookout for something that could handle slightly rougher seas.  I’d come across the Humber inflatable boats before as they were and still are used by the RNLI.  If they’re good enough for them they’re good enough for me.

Humber inflatable boat side view

This setup came with a set of drop down launch wheels which were handy as the boat wasn’t light.  Especially as the flooring was made from solid wood an inch or so thick.  I could see from the boat design that is was fairly old and probably made in the 80’s.  It was old but still very usable.  The included out board engine was a Mercury 9.9hp 2 stroke which I later sold, although I’m regretting that decision now as it was a seriously fast motor.  My current Yamaha 9.9 4 stroke is nowhere near as fast as the 2 stroke Mercury.

Humber inflatable boat rear view

Humber inflatable boat underside

Humber inflatable boat front view

Humber inflatable boat launch wheels

The only real problem with this setup was the length of the flooring.  The largest section was about 5 to 6 feet long which mean’t transporting in the back of the car was quite cumbersome.  I’d need to drop the back seats then move the drivers and passengers seats forward to be able to close the boot.  It wasn’t ideal but it got me out fishing which was the main purpose of this purchase.

Humber inflatable boat packed away


The video below is me testing out a new Mercury 3.5 hp outboard on a Humber 13.5 feet inflatable boat or Dinghy at Skinningrove UK.  This was my first attempt at inflatable boat fishing and I was keen to try out the new Mercury outboard motor. As the outboard motor was new I couldn’t take above half revs for the first couple of hours so this was always going to be a slow trip. In fact if I remember correctly the run in period was, up to half throttle for 3 hours then from 3-5 hours up to three quarters throttle. After 5 hours full throttle.

I headed out about a mile or so and started fishing with some mackerel daylight hook/feathers. These are a favourite of mine and they do well for just about anything out there. I use them a lot when I go kayak fishing. They are good for Cod, Mackerel, Whiting, Coal Fish, Pollack and Gurnard. A good all round ‘catch anything’ method for these waters I think. Anyway I ended up with a mixed bag of Codling and Mackerel. This boat fishing lark is growing on me and is a great alternative and different experience to kayak fishing (currently my main method of fishing).

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