This was my second inflatable boat purchase, the Honda Honwave T40 AE.  My previous boat, the Humber 13 was a great boat but due to it’s age, or year of manufacture it had a wooden floor.  I had purchased it from Ebay and it looked like it was probably manufactured sometime in the 80’s.  The wooden floor was in two parts only and that was the problem.  The largest section was around 6ft long so transportation was an issue.  I could just about squeeze it into my hatchback car with the back seats folded down and the front seats as far forward as they would go.  Not ideal for driving long distances.  So after the Humber was sold I was on the lookout for a replacement.

My budget was around £1000 and looking around and online there were a few contenders but the Honda Honwave T40 stood out as being more than suitable for my needs. It looked very impressive and well designed for the price.  Also the Honda brand name swayed my decision making a bit as most of the other boats in this price range were from companies I’d never heard of.  In the UK, Honda have a reputation for reliability, as far as motor vehicles are concerned anyway so I was hoping that the same quality controls would be in place for their boat manufacturing also.  

With one ordered, it was just a waiting game and a couple of days later the boat arrived.  My impatience got the better of me and I couldn’t resist the temptation to unbox the boat and inflate it in the garden.  The first step was to roll out the boat then insert the aluminium and wood floor sections, then the side reinforcement struts which provide support to the floor sections.  The inflation process using the foot pump was a bit of a struggle and seemed to take forever, but in reality 20 minutes or so.  It didn’t take me long to order an electric pump off Ebay.  Here are a few pics from that day and the unboxing.  I was chuffed to pieces as I sat there in the boat sipping tea and planning my first outing.



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