Excel Inflatable Boat – 535 XHD – The Big One

This was a boat I purchased a few of years ago.  The Excel 535 XHD inflatable boat.  I was wanting something a bit bigger than the Humber 13.5 boat I already had.  I’d been looking at buying an Excel inflatable boat for a while and eventually chose the Excel 535 XHD model.  This boat was a beast at 17.5 feet and cost £1499 at the time.  I had many plans for this boat but due to injury I was unable to use it so eventually sold it.  I didn’t even get to try it out on the water even once, so no posts here about my great fishing adventures in my new Excel 535, just a few pics from when it was first inflated in my garden.

Excel Inflatable Boat - 535 XHD

Excel Inflatable Boat - 535 XHD rear view

Here’s some information on the Excel Inflatable Boat – 535 XHD:

Length:  535CM

Width: 219CM

Inside Length: 375CM

Inside width: 109CM

Weight: 135KG

Outboard Shaft: Long

Warranty: 5 years fabric and construction

For more info please visit the Excel boat website:


Excel Inflatable Boat - 535 XHD side view

Excel Inflatable Boat - 535 XHD right side view

Excel Inflatable Boat - 535 XHD view above

Excel Inflatable Boat - 535 XHD best view

It took a while to set up as I was using the manual foot pump that came with it, I didn’t have an electric pump back then.  What struck me was the sheer size of this boat.  It’s just a shame it was a bit on the heavy side.  At around 135KG I could barely move it by hand, I would have needed a trolley or trailer to get it to the waters edge.  The material felt super tough and I could see that this was a quality boat for the price.  Looking back now I realise I should have probably kept it and bought a trailer for it.  I’ll certainly be keeping an eye on Ebay to see it one comes up.  If so I may buy another Excel Inflatable Boat – 535 XHD.

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