An Evening Boat Fishing Session at Redcar

 I’d not been out much this year due to the weather always not being conducive to safe boating during my time off work.  Eventually we got some calm weather, although a bit late in the year, but still welcome.  I managed to leave work early so we could set off and be at Redcar by 4pm for an evening session in the boat.  We actually got there a bit earlier and fortunately there was only one other vehicle on the launch slipway.  The boat of choice for this outing was the Seapro 340 air deck inflatable boat coupled with my new Suzuki DF6A 6HP outboard.  I chose the Seapro as I needed a fast setup time as we only had a few hours until dusk.  I just wanted to set up quickly and get out there to the fishing grounds, no messing about.  The new Suzuki outboard was brought along so I could complete the running in process and also test it with the Seapro 340.  It is also one of my lightest outboards so therefore easy to manage at 23KG.  

We set up in about 20 minutes and were soon heading towards the Redcar shoreline.  The launch wheels on the Seapro doing their job well and taking the 80kg or so of weight with ease.  

An Evening Boat Fishing Session at Redcar


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