My Gopro Camera Setups for Fishing Videos

Believe it or not I started filming my kayak fishing outings on a Sanyo Xacti WH1 Camcorder mounted to a cut down pool cue positioned in one of the scupper holes on the kayak.  This sort of worked but it didn’t give a very wide angle so most of the footage was of fairly close up face shots.  Not ideal for demonstrating the art of kayak fishing.  It also wasn’t full HD only standard 720 HD but it was waterproof which was handy.  It wasn’t long before I was looking at the Gopro cameras.

My first Gopro camera was the Gopro Hero or Gopro 1.  I purchased a RAM arm system which consisted of a couple of 12 inch arm sections with joints either end and in the middle.  This was then fixed to the scotty mounting plate using the bolts supplied.  This worked well and allowed plenty of adjustment to get different angles of footage.  The only problem with this setup was the battery life of the Gopro.  I would get about an hour of footage before needing to replace the battery.  I’d already purchased a couple of spare batteries ready to swap out but you could guarantee that they’d run out  just when I needed them the most and I’d hooked a decent fish.  This was frustrating as I would lose all the best footage.  I tried only turning the camera on when I’d caught a fish but you’d miss the bite which wasn’t great.  A battery backpack was my next purchase which more or less doubled the recording time but was nowhere near long enough to capture my full days fishing.  Another problem with this Gopro was the fact it had no built in display or wifi so you had line up the camera and hope for the best.  Half the time it wouldn’t be lined up correctly and you wouldn’t know until you got home and viewed the footage.  The lens also had a habit of steaming up so I had to use anti-fog strips


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