Boat Fishing at Skinningrove – Another Day on the Water

The Honda Honwave T38 inflatable boat and Johnson 6hp combo was back in action again, only a day after my boat fishing session at Saltburn yesterday where I managed plenty of Mackerel and a few Codling.  I set off towards Skinningrove in the early hours arriving at first light.  By the time I’d set up the boat and loaded all my equipment into the boat the sun was just starting to rise over the horizon.  The day was starting to look perfect for a day on the water boat fishing.

It wasn’t long before I was heading out past the Jetty then on to the usual fishing grounds.

I settled about half a mile off and tackled up.  I started with Cod Daylights with 50g lead spinner on the end as I did OK with this setup yesterday off Saltburn.  My box of SavageGear soft lures were on board as well on standby if the Daylights didn’t produce.  No worries here though as I was soon into a fish.

Boat Fishing at Skinningrove

As I reeled in the fish it put up a 10 second fight then was just dead weight as it came to the surface, I could tell it was a Codling even before I could see it.  Typical Codling fight from this 1.5lb beast.  It was soon released ready for the next.


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