Well this was a day I’d been looking forward to for a long time.  My roof rack was finally sorted so I could now take up kayak fishing again.  I’d managed to pick up a Kari-tek high lift roof rack system on Ebay reasonably cheap and after a couple of months I was able to fit it.  As luck would have it my wife also wanted to try kayak fishing so I was able try out my new Ocean Kayak Malibu 2XL fishing kayak.  This is a 2 seater fishing kayak that I’d purchased off a friend around 3 years ago but never got to use.

We loaded up the van the night before ready for an early get away and set off around 4:30 am, arriving at Redcar around 5am at our usual launch slipway.  The sun was just rising as we arrived and the sea was completely flat calm.  We couldn’t ask for better weather than this.  At times the sea looked like a sheet of glass, how I wish I’d brought along my DSLR camera.  There were definitely some money shots there for the taking.

Kayak Fishing Redcar beach


After half hour or so setting up we took a few photos of the kayak fishing set up before heading out.  

Kayak Fishing on the beach Redcar




It took a while for me to get used to being in a double kayak.  Our paddles kept colliding as my paddle speed was faster than my wife’s.  Well it was my fault for setting up the seat in the middle position and not at the rear of the kayak which would have put more space between us.  Eventually I decided to do all the paddling as it meant we’d get there quicker whilst my wife took photos.

I stopped paddling about a mile out and set up the rods for the fishing.  The plan was to use soft plastics so we both went for the Savage Gear sandeels.  These normally perform well at this location.  I chose just a single sandeel whilst my wife used Cod Daylights with a sandeel at the bottom to give it a bit of weight.  To be fair the water clarity wasn’t great in most of the area we fished so I wasn’t expecting much.  




It didn’t take long to get the first take.  I hooked what felt like a decent fish only to lose it a few seconds later so I sent the lure back down and managed to hook another, albeit slightly smaller.  We tried a few different lures and pirks and managed a few more Codling, although only tiny ones.  All returned to fight another day.

  It’s days like this you miss the appearance of Mackerel.  They can always be relied upon during the summer months to provide plenty of rod bending action.  Next time maybe.  They must be near now.

Kayak Fishing Redcar another cod




An hour or so later we decided to call it a day.  It was starting to heat up now, with a forecast temperature of 26 degrees by midday, it was time to head back in.  

Kayak Fishing Redcar clear water

We had a good morning out on the kayak although the fishing wasn’t great.  It was good to get back in a kayak after 18 months.  I’m not sure about the double kayak.  I felt as if my legs were a bit trapped as they were positioned either side of my wife in front as my seat was in the middle position and not in the rear position of the kayak.  Maybe I’ll sit in front next time and give that a try.  

And now for the video.

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